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Mike Arellano is the Repair Team Leader at Hoshino (U.S.A.), Inc., the exclusive United States distributor of Ibanez and Tama products. A certified Team J. Craft and J. Custom technician, he and his elite group of guitar technicians work closely with Ibanez/Tama Artist Relations to ensure that the highest quality instruments make their way into the hands of talented endorsers such as Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, George Benson, and many others.

Throughout his twelve year tenure at HUSA, Mike is proud to have been part of many guitar design- and build-oriented projects, from graphics and paint application to customization to complete builds and much more. Always a fan of the road, Mike has enjoyed participating as the on-site guitar tech in nationwide Ibanez/Tama-sponsored events such as the 2004 Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival in Dallas, TX, and multiple Ozzfest tours.

One key belief held by Mike is that most, if not all, of the best guitar technicians and luthiers are themselves serious musicians, adept at the art of music and constantly striving for self-improvement and mastery of the instrument. Prior to becoming a career guitar tech, Mike studied Jazz Performance under notable instructors Ed Flanagan, Tom Giacabetti, Terell Stafford, and Ben Schachter at the Temple University Esther Boyer College of Music, and Steve Brown at Ithaca College.

Upon graduating from Temple, Mike immediately went to work as lead guitarist for numerous A-list Philadelphia-based rock acts including Flavor, The Interns, and his current outfit, MCA artists Bonehead (formerly Familiar 48). In addition, he has been the go-to guitarist in many local Broadway-style productions such as RENT, Evita, and The Who’s Tommy. 

In the end, Mike feels that the best way to produce a high-quality instrument with a world-class setup is through a fundamentally sound, scientific approach while keeping the individual player’s needs in mind. 


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