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Rodney was born in New York City in a home filled with music and a deep love for the arts. Rodney was a gifted artist when he was a child, and was constantly drawing and later on began painting. Everyone (including Rodney) thought that he would eventually become a professional artist, but Rodney also fell in love with music and starting learning drums at age 9. As a child, Rodney has always been drawn to progressive Rock, dance and electronic music. As a very young adult, Rodney began studying jazz and Afro Cuban music. But by the time he started playing gigs around New York, Rodney was very comfortable playing music in many different genres, and was also developing a very unique and technical language on the drums. Rodney at this time also began fine-tuning his skills as a composer and songwriter. Even though Rodney was becoming known for his virtuoso skills as a drum soloist, Rodney is first and foremost a music lover. And he always put the song and his roll in the band first. This becomes very obvious to anyone who has ever heard Rodney or seen him perform.

Rodney has gone on to work with some of the most talented and respected musicians in both Rock and Jazz worlds. Rodney has worked with Santana, Steve Lukather, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul, Rob Thomas, and many others. Rodney has won Grammy awards for his work on Santana’s “Supernatural” album, as well as for his work on the Brecker Brother’s “Out Of The Loop” album. Rodney’s love for Electronic and dance music is reflected on his first solo album “Twelve Months Of  October”. Now Rodney is working on his second album with his new band, “Rodney Holmes’ Lithium Tree”.


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