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Little Hurricane

Little Hurricane is an indie rock duo of cc and tone from San Diego in the USA who manage to sound as though the more normal band structure of four people is an extravagance.

Little HurricaneLittle Hurricane

The power-base behind Little Hurricane is the thumping tempo which drives the music forward. I have heard many bands with twice the number of musicians who don’t have the power or direction of this duo. With limited resource, duets are always forced to focus on their core strengths to maximise the impact, these two seem to have so many ticked-boxes that they are able to switch direction with nary a blink.

This is music which has the depth of bass, in which I revel, to find it wrapped up with staccato, just adds to my sense of joy.  There is a certain pleasure when listening to bands to find something which strikes a chord and these two have buried themselves in to that centre. The growling guitar is bounced against a drum as sharply pressed as a knife crease.

There is a sense that the musicians are enjoying their out-put which comes through in the playful nature of the tracks which are unafraid to wander away from the core, before coming back to focus. I wonder how many sets of drum skins are ruined a month.


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