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Constellation – Single review – Valentine

Constellation has released the new single Valentine and let’s just take a moment to reflect on the band I wrote about first in Constellation February 2011 with the question – When will we be first hearing their debut album? We have an imminent answer – The Ups and Downs will be with us later in 2012, for now let us consider the single Valentine which was released on 12th February 2012.



The mellifluent signature sound of Constellation stamps its mark on Valentine. Here the band have wrapped textures and experience to make for a Glycyrrhiza glabra root of comfort. Warming, calming and resonating of what we all know better as licorice – sweet intoxicating – yet not brash.

Shoegaze wanders out of the room before being brushed hurriedly aside to be re-injected with a soulful rock anthem – can that even happen? Well just take a listen to the stunning first 20 seconds of this release – New Wave and Shoegaze collide before the drop and we head to the home space ofConstellation.  The release revels in the high notes whilst the bass and drum anchor the sound-scape back to earth, the space in which the band add real value. Pared back, yet powerful, rock ricochets out of the speakers.


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