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An outstanding musician for his entire life, Kelly started his professional career as a founding member of the popular LA band The Electric Love Hogs who were quickly discovered by Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee. Lee produced The Love Hogs’ debut album for by London / PolyGram Record. Kelly later joined the indie power pop band 22 Jacks featuring members of the Foo-Fighters, Adolescents, and Wax. When Joey Ramone needed a band to back him up for a Cheap Trick tribute album it was 22 Jacks anchored by the strong and rhythmic bass of Mr. LeMiuex that he called upon. 

Megadeath’s Dave Mustaine who is no stranger to great musicians called on Kelly services for his side project, MD.45. Highly respected guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert brought Kelly on to tour internationally with his first post Mr. Big solo project, King of Clubs. His talents were tapped again when the seminal punk band Fear needed a bassist. Kelly immediately filled that spot and embarked on several successful tours with the band. 

Kelly continues his career with the highly influential punk / ska band Goldfinger with whom he continues to record and tour the world. He fills in his time giving back by teaching kids to rock as a guest instructor at Paul Green’s School of Rock.


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